This is a dedicated high-performance processing engine for SHA-256 Cryptocurrency mining (eg. Bitcoin and derivatives). Cryptocurrency mining requires the acceleration of multiple SHA-256 hash functions. The object of the mining process is to search for a particular hash result based on an incoming block of data to which a “nonce” value is
appended. The engines search for a nonce value that creates a result with a number of leading zeros. As there is no known method of determining the result other than by trial and error, the engines try different nonce values until a correct result is found.

If a nonce value is found that produces the correct result, it is transmitted back to the network. The incoming block of data may be overwritten at any time and a new search started.

The ChipStart SHA-256 Mining Accelerator (CMA) provides a level of programability in determining the algorithm for nonce updates and result search parameters. The CMA has four ports that allow multiple chips to be assembled into an array to support massively parallel search using many chips operating in concert. To achieve this a
controller requests the system to self-enumerate to establish how many devices are connected in the system and how the work load is distributed. This also sets up the mechanism to send results back to the controller. The controller needs only connect at one point to the array.


  • RTL
  • Test Suite

Block Diagram


Tech Specs

Part Number CS-SHA256-MA
Short description ChipStart SHA-256 Cryptocurrency Mining Accelerator IP Platform
Provider: TekStart, LLC
Foundry, Node All
Compliant Standard SHA-256
Maturity Silicon proven
Availability Now