As SoC complexity rises, system management functions such as power, security, error handling, and flash booting, are a growing source of design cost and verification risk. SSM reduces these by offering a centralized control IP block and software combination to manage the system functions.

Lower design and verification risks by simplifying system management architecture

  • Improve effectiveness by enabling any policy setting source to directly connectand control hardware
  • Standardize on one flexible and scalable scheme for all products
  • Centralize system management on one IP block with complete system visibility
  • Create management transparency with other hardware and software so that hardware and software can be easily interchanged while maintaining the overall management scheme
  • Improve system operations by enable new levels of real time management control through context switching policies and enforcement
  • Improve error detection and recovery through well coordinated procedures
  • Improve security of sensitive differentiable innovations via unique “secure boot” operation
  • Lower manufacturing costs for derivatives through JTAG based firmware boot management

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