TekStart’s mission is to be the leading source of capital for its partners, clients and investments. The firm provides efforts in corporate build-out, commercialization and funding. By working with entrepreneurs, tech licensing groups, and thriving tech firms, TekStart is able to extend the value of its partners and grow at an accelerated pace than navigating it alone.

Born from entrepreneurial roots, the firm and its team specialize in developing technology, driving it to market and realizing its value. TekStart and its team bring a wealth of knowledge with experience in developing, growing, funding and exiting over 120 companies in their history. With the ability to analyze a market, drive product marketing plans and generate funding, the firm is able to help its clients and partners realize success.

Additional offices are located globally in North America, Europe, China, and Japan.


TekStart’s focused and strategic direction enables the vision of the furthering of development in a variety of markets and technologies. Some of the markets and technologies TekStart targets include semiconductor and IC-related, imaging, energy, medical devices, analog/mixed-signal solutions, communications, consumer, e-commerce and mobile products including intellectual property that surrounds these solutions.


Howard Pakosh
Howard PakoshFounder & CEO
Christopher Keil
Christopher KeilExecutive VP
Hideo Morita
Hideo MoritaTechnical Director, Japan
Fady Abushahla
Fady AbushahlaDirector, Sales & Business Development