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Project Description

We are delighted to partner with Terminus Circuits to bring their expertise in PHY IP development to our partners.

Headquartered in Bangalore, Terminus Circuits is one of the leading semiconductor IP companies in India, offering a wide portfolio of Interface IP and clocking solutions.

Terminus Circuits has developed several PHYs IP including PCIe 4.0/3.0, 16G/10G Multi-standard PHY, USB 3.0/3.1 PHY in TSMC, GF, and IDM process nodes ranging from 90nm to 28nm for storage, communication, computation, networking products. Their interface products leverage modern architecture to deliver high performance, power and area optimized solutions. Their R&D in India has been successfully leveraging the domestic ecosystem and developing world class products for domestic and global market. The steep learning curve enabled us to develop complex PHY IPs with latest specification to help its customer to be competitive in market by offering niche and futuristic solutions. They provide off the shelf as well as custom-made PHY solution to meet ASIC/SoC needs.

The silicon proven sub-systems of Terminus Circuits are one of the best with high throughput and low latency. Their unique architecture is modular and scalable to meet the ever increasing demands of High Performance computing, switchless fabric based network- on chip and the fastest read/write storage applications. These hyper convergence of the computing + networking + storage is an unique solution to meet the humongous task of future data centers.

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