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Project Description

We are delighted to partner with Spectral Design & Test to bring their expertise in embedded memory development to our partners.

Spectral is a point solution provider specialized in embedded memory development. Their products address the needs of library developers & SOC designers. They offer a unique combination of EDA tools and custom as well as standard Memory designs.

– MemoryCanvas™, their flagship memory development product, offers an ease of use and productivity level unmatched in the industry. It’s graphically driven input enables fast and efficient creation of new and reusable memory IP.

– MemoryTime™ enables designers to model, analyze, characterize and generate integration views for any embedded memory.

Spectral also offers intellectual property (IP) in the form of specialized embedded memories as part of their MemoryIP™ offering. Spectral targets memory IP not served well by the IP marketplace.

Combining its memory designer and software developer assets, Spectral has created the most advanced and productive memory development automation technology available.

Spectral engineers design specialty memory architectures such as CAMs, MultiPorts, Cache and Low Power/Voltage SRAMs. Spectral’s tools optimize yield using statistical analysis and DFM techniques. They offer solutions for low voltage operation to reduce power consumption as well as architectures that reduce standby power to nano-amp levels.

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