Frequently asked questions about Tekstart

//Frequently asked questions about Tekstart

Frequently asked questions about Tekstart


1. Who is TEKSTART?

TEKSTART is an “adventure capital” firm that provides interim sales, marketing and business development services to start-up companies.

The company was founded in 1997. Headquarters are in Las Vegas, Nevada.

2. What is “Adventure CapitalT”?

The term was coined by our founder, Alan Feinberg.

“Capital” refers to the practical knowledge, skills and expertise that he gleaned from 18 years of operating experience at four different startups, combined with his track record of success as a consultant to more than 30 new ventures.

Given the challenging nature of startup companies, these weren’t just jobs. they were entrepreneurial business “Adventures”.

3. What services does TEKSTART provide?

For early-stage, bootstrapped ventures without full time sales and marketing personnel, TEKSTART focuses on helping the founders to develop, fund and implement a workable business plan.

For startups who have outgrown the garage but who still have limited sales and marketing resources, TEKSTART assists with global market entry and expansion in order to generate revenue quickly and profitably.

For later-stage start-up companies who are experiencing rapid change and high growth, TEKSTART concentrates on building scalable sales and marketing infrastructure and processes.

4. Who uses your services?

TEKSTART’s services are used primarily by technical entrepreneurs who require sales, marketing or business development assistance on an interim basis.

At the request of venture capital firms, TEKSTART has also performed objective, third-party due diligence on potential investments and has served in an advisory capacity to their portfolio companies.

5. What’s the profile of your typical client?

Our clients have all been hi-tech entrepreneurs in one of three general stages of their new business “adventure”:

  • “Orienting” – bootstrapped ventures with annual sales between zero and $1 million
  • “Pioneering” – seed-funded companies with annual sales between $1 million and $5 million
  • “Conquering” – venture-funded startups with annual sales between $5 million and $15 million

6. What industries do you serve?

Most TEKSTART clients have been from the Enterprise Software, IT Services, Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Semiconductor and Internet (security/infrastructure/b2b) industries. These markets share the following

  • complex, highly technical products and services
  • major corporate customers (Fortune 500, Global 1000, FTSE 100, Asia Week 1000)
  • long sales cycles with many competitive technical and business hurdles
  • multiple levels of decision making, and complex customer-vendor relationships

7. Do you only work in Silicon Valley?

No. TEKSTART clients have been based throughout North America (the US, Canada and Mexico), Europe (the Netherlands, the UK and France) and Asia (Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan and the People’s Republic of China).

8. What are your fees?

Our interim sales, marketing and business development services are available on monthly retainer or on a project basis. Since TEKSTART services are customized for each assignment, our fees are determined in advance based on client needs.

9. What’s the difference between TEKSTART and typical consulting firms?

Most consulting companies offer their services to the business community at large, from entrepreneurs to the Fortune 500. But the typical sales and marketing approaches advocated for major corporations are radically different than those required by startups and most are not relevant to (or affordable by) resource-constrained startups.

Unlike typical consulting firms, TEKSTART focuses exclusively on new and emerging ventures. By concentrating on high-technology startups, we’ve been able to build an impressive portfolio of the most practical and relevant best practices for today’s entrepreneurs.

In addition, unlike consulting firms that boast a large list of current clients, we specifically limit the number of active engagements. This unique approach allows TEKSTART to provide a high level of personal service to each client.

10. How do you work with your clients?

Our founder’s preferred style is to contribute actively as a virtual member of the executive team. Rather than preparing business-school-style plans that are limited to theoretical advice and recommendation, and then presenting them for the client’s implementation, his approach is to work with the founders (and others, as appropriate) side-by-side on real-world issues that can be resolved through active collaboration.

This hands-on, results-oriented style of consultation also enables the knowledge gained during each TEKSTART engagement to remain with the client long after the initial assignment has ended.

11. How long is your typical client engagement?

Some straightforward TEKSTART projects have taken as little as a month. Other, more complex assignments have lasted as long as 14 months. Five to six months is typical.

12. What results can I expect?

TEKSTART focuses on specific, concrete deliverables. These are customized for each client and prioritized at the beginning of each assignment. Examples can be provided in advance.

13. Do you have any references?

Absolutely! Since our inception in 1997, TEKSTART has helped more than 30 hi-tech startup companies to achieve their sales, marketing or business development objectives. References.

14. What’s your relationship with Jumpstart Associates?

In order to create a unique brand identity, Jumpstart changed its name TEKSTART on January 1, 2002. Only the name has changed. We believe that our new name more accurately reflects the firm’s exclusive commitment to high technology startup companies.

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